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Blocked eBay Buyers

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It's an inevitable cost of doing business on the left wing fascist sales site, eBay.  A site where buyers are encouraged and assisted in blatant theft.  Where buyers can steal from any bisiness and lie about your business practices, as long as they stay within the ever widening guidelines.  

The following is our blocked buyers list:

2011robertnicolas362, 3wheelerman, 4my2littlemunchkins, 925209, adlyta, adom1066, akachei, akim74xys, alkhatib2006, alwayslife, angelitamorales31, bandaidz, betoyvanessa, bmbmag, boshoo, buyitonline2005, cbur1489, ccshopnut, cdel6025, chcustoms91, chigizmop, cindywimmer2012, cookelaidley, cstanzione1, cybermerchandise, dadynkam, details, dot-pattern, dovinsdragon, drayton426, dryeena, dubsnak, elle1208eileen, ericcpa, fanchonlambert, fentongib, fredjr3fred, fuzzy10889, gaetano.c, go4toyz, guyx1, gyro0in0nj, hammer3516, haseus6, hellmouth1965, henry_brenda, herobear, hisrabblemouth1, idalia87daniel, ii201an, jasonplo20, jaymeister1812, jdtwin2, jope101010, junkcollector-1973, justice_league73, jwpc5, k.cancale35, kadett_68, katiecast, keithebon, kellymt.760, khappa2099, knappys_komics_and_kollectibles, lacouneisme, lilmilitarygirl310, mack1393, maiki-123, mansaab01, marcusncruz, mario62399, markusm.74, marlalan, maxster159, mcrowe3181981, meganerd09, mep1873, mhmanus, mik-salis, mikesmegamall54, mikeyg1blue, mimi91790, misbetcy27, moonbaby739, mukhamadeevs, mvp9119, natashas43, neverending_toyz, nighthunter1002b1u, nowave26, nzarate79, oddice, omel5982, papabert612, paul8070, paula3509, pmon9117, psychobird99, randombuyerguy, rmonine, roman3174_yvgwvc, roy_lisa_mouton, rp12367, rptremblay80, rrokesr, sab0859, sergiojr1958, sho1780, skcollectibles, ski135, skytrevor, sly1821, spoil*me*rotten, stanleyhub, stephshelmsleys, stevenisomint, surenjosons, swiski, taylapatrick, thecardmonster, thecomicweb, thonburian88, tmcknig1, tommy699, tp.187, tre_vino, treznor13, troyrugby147, ttrade6, uter23, vinntam, webbed, whyyoubuggin, wish2wind, yankeesfanboy, ymoskof, zurcsemaj38

Of all the thieves, liars and cheats we've had to deal with over the years one sticks out far beyond the rest junkcollector-1973 or:

ballard service

336 Venango Rd

boyers, PA 16020-2222

(814) 385-6797


An un-wiped ass by any other name would still smell like junkcollector-1973.  If any retailer happens to read this, avoid this eBayer at all costs.

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